W H O   W E   A R E


Hello Friend! I'm Leah, owner + designer + creator of

wrapped + written

wrapped + written began because I got to discover firsthand the blessing of God's written Word. 

I had a room in my old apartment where I covered the walls with encouraging passages written in Sharpie on plain white paper.  At my work offices, I wrote Scriptures on sticky notes, paper, and wood panels and put them all over my desks and computer.


In each space, I simply had to look around and in a glance, be reminded of powerful truths from

God’s Word to uplift me. By being "surrounded" by it, He has shown me so much hope, goodness and power that I wanted to create visually beautiful pieces that would share these blessings with others.


wrapped + written's purpose is to design and make aesthetically pleasing, inspirational goods that will “Enhance your spaces + Encourage your soul so that you experience something GOOD every day.”


Together, with my husband, Jason, I hand craft and hand letter each unique piece using a plethora of inks, paints and chalks on several mediums, including wood, glass, a variety of papers, reclaimed barn wood, acrylic and canvas.


From hand lettered artwork + greeting cards, to stationery + signage for weddings + events, we want to help uplift and encourage you; wherever you are, whatever you’ve got going on!


So thank you so much for stopping in and shopping! We really do appreciate you.


Stay encouraged!